Services for Decision and Action

Online Legislative Matrix

Information is power only if it is timely
  • Personalized online platform with real-time updating of legislative information on specific bills at all levels.
  • Bills of law presented, session-by-session reports, committees decisions, main opinions expressed by parliamentarians, the Executive Branch and guests, content of amendments presented, voting results and citations.

  • Real-time alerts via instant messaging and online platform.

Strategic Legislative Consulting

The client identifies what, we advise on the how, when, where and whom.

Análisis estratégico con propuestas de acción para

Strategic analysis with proposals for action to actively participate in the development of a bill of law.

In-depth knowledge of the decision-making process allows us to design successful strategies.

Strategic Support:
  • Legislative-political context analysis, with the scope of the project’s processing status, the procedural context, analysis of the votes taken with their consequences and the possible procedural and political scenarios to intervene in the project.

  • Short-term action plans, with concrete actions suggested to intervene in the processing of the project in the most effective way in the near future.

  • Deliverables via legislative strategy proposals, periodic evaluation and strategic fine-tuning meetings, or others to be agreed with the client.

Public Affairs Consulting

Support in public affairs and government relations.
Preparation of specific studies and reports at the client's request.
  • Support in the preparation of presentations to parliament.

  • Studies of international comparative regulations or public policies.

  • Profiling and mapping of actors in the legislative branch, the executive branch or regional or local authorities,

  • Preparation of hearings with authorities and lobby law compliance.

"Legislative decision making process:
How is a law drafted in practice?"
Workshop aimed at executives, business organizations and NGO leaders, with or without previous legal knowledge.
  • To provide tools to face the legislative process representing a company, trade association or NGO.

  • It addresses the legislative decision-making process, its rules and critical knots, its key actors and the means to participate in them.

  • Emphasis is placed on the practical-strategic sense of the decision-making process, the sense of opportunity and the intervention in key stages of the decision-making process.

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